Updated 3/28/18
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Baseball & Softball.

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Little League International approves our boundries as they do for every other Little League program. All-Star eligibility is based on living within the approved boundry. If you live outside of our boundry, you can still play with a waiver but only regular season. So if you live within our boundry and play at any other Little League, you are NOT eligible for All-Stars with that Little League program.

A Little Laguna Background:
Ever wonder why we put so much influence on fundraising? We are a non-profit organization, and part of the largest youth sports program in the world. Little League serves more than 2.5 Million boys and girls in the United States and 83 other countries. There is no funding that comes from Little League International.
Unlike other leagues, our fields are on leased, Navy/Government land. Nueces County and the City of Corpus Christi use this as a basis for providing NO support to our league. No funding for improvements, utilities, lighting, equipment or maintenance. Everything you see at the fields are completed by volunteers and sponsors.
Every year we have tons of maintenance or new projects that need to get done. It always seems that the same 4-6 people do a majority of the work. It is very unfair on those that spend 20-40 hours a week on top of their regular jobs, get very little assistance. Imagine if 20 parents showed up with a weedeater, with 4 on each field that job would get done in less than an hour. Right now it takes about 4 - 6 hours for a couple of our regular volunteers to weedeat the entire ball fields(not including the sidewalks, playground and outer fences).
"The most common thing we hear is nobody asked me to help. My best friend told me once, if you have to ask for my help, then I really didn't want to help anyway. This is your league. Things get done with volunteers and sponsors/donations. I challenge each and every parent that takes the time to read this page, to start volunteering. Not just once but regularly. Bring a friend.
We need lawn mower maintence, painting, weedeating every week, mowing, fence repairs, trash picked up, and emptying the trach cans into the dumpster. Ever wonder which cleaning service cleans the restrooms? WE do. So help as much as you can. When you see something that needs to get done, call me or any other board member and take the lead in getting it done."
...Chuck Daffron, 2011 League President

Help us build the new Concession Stand.
Our current building has structural problems. We need your help to raise enough money to build a new, state of the art building to serve Laguna for the next 50+ years. As always your donations are tax deductible and remember, we get no assistance from the City of Corpus Christi or Nueces County. When you look at those new field being built for National LL and Oso Pony Baseball, remember when we work together, we make Laguna the best Little League program in town.

Thanks again to Texas Roadhouse. They have been a tremedous sponsor over the last several years, not to mention a great place to eat. They donate the hamburgers and it is one of the best fundraisers we do during the season.
Support our sponsors and enjoy a great lunch or dinner. Without the help and assistance of our sponsor, we could not keep the gates open.

Now the Spring Season is underway.
There are few issues we need to bring up!

Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the gates at Laguna Little League or at the entry gates. This includes e-cigarettes or vaping. If it looks like a duck, its a duck and it is not allowed around the kids.

Also, NO cups, drink bottles, mugs, Yeti Coozies/cups, ice chest or outside cups of any kind. This is how we keep alcohol out of the ballpark. Little League and alcohol is never a good combination. Even if grandma needs her wine to cope, it is NOT allowed.

Please be respectful of our request and don't fuss with any coach or board member that gives you a friendly reminder. And if you see someone not following the rules, feel free to remind them of our park rules or find a board member or coach to assist you.

Last Saturday was Opening Saturday and a lot of fun was had by all. Please support Laguna Little League. We need volunteers for the concession stand and to help clean up on Sundays. Contact any board member to find out how.

ALL Dates ARE subject to change!

Make sure you have read
the By-Laws for Laguna Little League.
It might answer that burning question you've been wondering who to ask!

RDML Dell Bull, Chief of Naval Air Training throwing out the first pitch of the 2016 Spring Season. We had a Challengers Seniors Game and
capped off the night with an exciting Home Run Derby (some of the coaches are still recovering)

Parent Reminders:
Please help keep Laguna Little League a safe and family oriented environment for the whole family.
Do not bring outside food and drinks into our ball park. This includes cups, water bottles, Whataburger & Stripes cups. Also NO outside coolers inside the gates. This is the only way we can keep alcohol off our premesis.

There is no smoking allowed at any of the entry gates or at practice. This includes Vaping. If smoke is coming out there is not place at the ballpark or at practice for it

Please remember to check all agressive behavior. We have a Zero Tolerance policy for any fan, parent or coach who steps across the line. Remember we are also on Navy property so it can get really difficult, really fast for the misbehavers.

See you there!


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