The game schedules are always subject to change due to weather, coach requests or school functions. Every attempt is made to schedule around local functions, but it is impossible to accommodate every request.

Rescheduling a game must come from the Coach/Manager thru the Player Agent. Note the online schedule may NOT reflect the change. It is the Coach/Manager's responsibility to know the correct dates/times of any changes.

The season is scheduled for 8 weeks but is effected by weather. The last was one of the worst rainy seasons in our history.

The game time is the COACH'S responsibility. Do not rely on the these posted dates, as not every time change can be made to the website posted schedules.

An official Scorekeeper and Official Pitch counter is required depending upon whether your team is home or visitor. Home team must provide Scorekeeper and Visitors must provide the official pitch count AND MUST sit in the correct location.

Each team is required to provide 10 hrs of concession help. Get with your coach and schedule your time now before all the good times are taken.
Updated 2/26/2018

2018 Schedules
Are Ready...
For T-Ball, Coach Pitch Baseball, Minors Baseball and Majors Baseball

Scroll to the bottom and loof for 2018
schedules are after all the old ones. Once you get to your division,
Select your team from the drop down menu
You can then see the schedule for your team.

Your Coach/Manager is the only person that can change a date/time or scheduled a game. Your Coach/Manager should have the latest info on all schedule changes.

The website schedule my not be updated with the current change, best bet is to check with your coach for correct communications.

We make every attempt to send out emails when a team makes changes, but the Coach/Manager that is ultimately responsible for

Games are generally played on Tuesday - Thursday evenings and all day on Saturday. Softball, Majors Baseball, 50/70Baseball and Juniors Baseball interleague with National Little League and Padre Little League. Senior League Baseball and Softball won't start until after the Freshman/JV Baseball & Softball season ends at the high school.

District 23 has not released the Softball schedule as of todays update. Once we get the official schedule, we will post the games for our teams on this website.


Juniors Baseball is NOT ready. This is also a District 23 Schedule